The Connected Fan

Levis Stadium

Today’s world has evolved into an instant gratification society where fans want more than just a seat at a sporting event.  With the evolution of the smartphone and tablets fans and consumers are more connected than they have in any other point in history.  Because of this fans have began to demand to have more options when they come to a sporting event.  While teams and stadiums have began to add new technology driven features into there existing stadiums new stadiums are being built with technology being one of the largest focus in the design and building of these new venues.

A great example of these new technology driven stadiums is Levis Stadium, which is currently being built for the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara California the heart of Silicon Valley.  Levis Stadium was built with the intent on show casing the next generation of green building and technological innovation.  Among the many green features that the stadium will feature is the stadiums ability to harvest enough solar energy to power each game at the stadium.  While this may reduce the carbon footprint of the stadium and be a great marketing feature fan want to be connected when they are at a game.  With the stadium being built in the hart of Silicon Valley the 49ers ownership felt wanted to work with the best and brightest technology companies to create a new connected experience for fans at the game. One of the main features at Levis Stadium will be a powerful app for smartphones and tablets.  This app will allow a fan to get multiple camera angles of the game live game feed right on their phone or tablet.  You will also have access to the radio broadcast.  The 49ers are also exploring the possibility of fans being able to order food and drinks right from their phone if they don’t want leave there seat.  If they do want to go to the concession stand they will have the ability to pay with your smartphone, which has the potential to create a paperless stadium.  Another interesting concept that will be interesting to see in practice will be a line watcher a fan will be able to look on there smartphone or tablet and find the shortest lines at bathrooms and concession stands.  By having this ability the 49ers may be able to alleviate long lines at these two places as they build analytical data which overtime could lead to facility improvement. These examples are just some of what the 49ers are doing at Levis Stadium, which opens in 2014.

As technology continues to evolve fans will demand more interaction and more cutting edge features.  Only time will tell if these interactive features will attract more fans to games as ticket prices continue to rise and watching the game on TV is much cheaper.

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